Website Security

The threat to your website from hackers is bigger than you can imagine and the impact if your site is hacked can destroy your business.

One expert report has estimated that EVERY website is visited by hackers at least six times a day.

So how do you keep them out of your website?**

We build security into your website

Every website we build for clients has the most up-to-date security features built in.

Those features go a long way to reducing threat to your website … but you need more

You need more because you need to close every possible doorway that hackers can use.

Security monitoring, timely updates and visual inspections

No automatic security feature is a guarantee that your website will repel every hacker who visits your site and many parts of your website need to be updated as improvements are made.

To have the best chance of keeping hackers out you need:

  • Monitoring throughout each day – hackers don’t work set hours and fast response times can be vital.
  • Updates within 24 hours of them becoming available – there’s rarely any warning that updates are coming but they need to be done as soon as possible sites become vulnerable when updates are overlooked.
  • Daily physical inspections of your website to make sure that it is still working in the way you want it to.
  • Daily off-site backups so that you can be back on line faster if a hacker does manage to get in.
  • Regular checks using external detection tools to ensure that hackers have not managed to bypass the security measures you have in place.

Total Website Management has you covered

We have you covered because:

  • We monitor your website on a 24 hours a day every day of the year.
  • We update your website.
  • We inspect your website on a daily basis.
  • We regularly check your website using external tools that can detect intrusions that normal tools may miss.

To ignore the security issues that can arise is like gambling with your future when the odds are stacked against you.

The last thing you want people to see when they visit your website is a warning like the one below.

Call today on 0420 363 117 and have the experienced security team take care of your website

Total Website Management provides outstanding website security for small business

** Unfortunately it is impossible to keep a determined and experienced hacker out of any website. The best any security can do is to make it so difficult for him to get in that he goes off to find an easier target and that is why no one can offer a 100% security guarantee and we don’t pretend to.