We all like to think that we are important … that people want to know what we are doing with our business … but the honest-to-god truth is that no one cares about you.

That’s something that I tell Toni’s customers over and over again. No one cares about what they are doing … how good their business is … what wonderful staff they have … how much fun they might have with their dog … how amazing their kids are … or where they went for their holidays.

When it comes to selling your product or service that’s all totally irrelevant fluff that does more to turn people away from your business than what it does to encourage people to do business with you.

All anyone who wants to do business with you cares about is what your product or service can do for THEM.

They don’t care if you’ve had a wonderful workshop where you helped lots of people achieve great things. They don’t care if thousands of people attend your seminars or take your courses.

All they care about is what your product or service can do for THEM.

They don’t care if you post dozens of photos of smiling people talking with you or listening to you. All they care about is what your product or service can do for THEM.

And they don’t want to have to wade through large amounts of text either. If it isn’t short, if it doesn’t have a hook that catches their eye and encourages them to ready further, then they won’t.

Do I seem to be trying to make a point here?

Of course I am but I may as well beat my head on my desk because most people don’t listen to what we say. Instead they waffle on about all sorts of irrelevant stuff and then wonder why no one engages with them on social media or their website.

They talk about everything but what people want to hear and wonder why the only people who ‘like’ their posts are their family and close friends.

They make mighty efforts to cover all types of social media but miss the point entirely.

So what is the point?

The point is that if you want your social media posts … and the pages on your website … to engage with your clients you will stop talking about yourself and what wonderful things you have done and start talking about the wonderful things that will happen for people who buy your service or product.

And you will do it in language that they understand and in ways that will appeal to people who have the limited attention span that most of us have these days.

It’s not rocket science … it’s just basic common sense … so why are so many business people totally missing the point? Because they either don’t understand … or can’t accept the raw fact … that no one cares about THEM.

By the way, are you missing the point?