Total Website Management

Maintaining your functional and up-to-date website is a job for professionals not the Receptionist in her spare time.
You get peace of mind and a website that’s always up-to-date Total Website Management manages your website and provides website support for your business.
We can:
  • Update your images
  • Update the text on your site to reflect what’s current.
  • Add special sales pages to attract more people for seasonal or sale events.
  • Monitor your website and provide you with meaningful reports that allow you to understand how your customers and potential customers are interacting with your website.
  • Monitor your search engine rankings and make adjustments to individual pages on your website so that your site will be even more attractive to the search engines and people who see your listings in the search engines.

Your website reflects your business

So how does your website look? Does it look as though their should be cobwebs in the corners and the images are so old the fashions went out of style 20 years ago?

These days your business depends on the Internet for clients and customers and these people can tell when a business is serious about being in business. A website that hasn’t been touched in years says so many wrong things about you and your business.

Total Website Management can rejuvinate your old website

If your website is current it attracts the people you want. If your website looks as though it’s been forgotten then your potential customers and clients will forget about doing business with you.

Website management can be handled from anywhere so you don’t have to be in Hervey Bay to reap the benefits that come when you let us manage your website.

Website functionality and analytics reviews

Just how well is your website performing?

Are people finding what they are looking for and then moving to contact you or are people giving up in frustration and going to some other website?

Your website may not be performing the way you think it is and you may be missing out on sales and leads and all the outcomes you had hoped for.

Let us look at your website and we’ll give you an objective report based on data analysis and our years of experience that will help you see what needs to be done to your website.

Call 0420 363 117 and let us look after your website.