Website Speed

How fast do the pages on your website load?

Are they slow to load or do they load in under 3 seconds?

If your web pages are not loading in under 3 seconds then you have serious problems.

Google expects a web page to load in less than 3 seconds – if it doesn’t meet Google’s expectation then your search engine rankings are affected.

The people who visit your website expect your web pages to load in even less time … people stop waiting for your page to load and start leaving after 2 seconds.

The major cause of slow loading web pages.

The major causes of slow loading web pages are:

  • Large images that aren’t optimised for fast loading
  • Bloated coding in your website and in the plugins used in your website.
  • Your web designer’s lack of understanding of the need to build web pages that load quickly.
  • Your website is located on a slow server.

Fast loading built in

Total Website Management understand the need for your website to load fast and we build all the factors that improve loading time right into new websites right from the start.

Improving loading times on sites older sites or sites that others have built

Here at Total Website Management we have our own websites that have been around for years. We have the knowledge and the experience to improve older sites and reduce loading times down to what Google and site visitors expect today.

We can take your old site and shave seconds off the loading time … but it’s not a simple task. It takes experience and patience but the results can really boost your business.

If your website is slow and the number of visitors is declining then …

Call us on 0420 363 117 and let’s improve your site’s loading times